Calculating How Many Times a User Pressed a Button

Hi,   I have a page that has a submit button. I want to show users how many times they filled out the relevant page in that year. (For example, person X will see that they have sent the relevant page 3 times this year, and person Y 7 times.) Also, this number will be reset at the beginning of each year (like 01/01/2024 or 01/01/2025).   How can I do that?
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Hi Ayberk,


You will probably save the form results in you domain model.

Use a microflow to open the page with the form.


In this microflow, retrieve the forms within the given year and do a Count on the amount of forms you have retrieved.


The last part is to create a View object – a non persitable object – in which you can write down the count.

This View object can be created in the microflow as well and be given to the page.

On the page, use a data view widget to show the View object and now you can show the Count with a text widget.


Hope this helps