Admin Menu Microflow/Nanoflow Error CE1573

Hello all. Rookie developer here. I have a page that I want multiple user roles to be able to access, but I only want one role to access it from the Hamburger Menu. I think my best option is to set up a microflow or a nanoflow from the Admin Menu (a Menu Item) that only allows one role to access it. That way the page itself can be accessed from other locations by multiple roles and from the hamburger menu by only one role. The issue I run into is I get error code CE1573. I know the usual solution is to put an object in a data container and have that container have the correct data source that needs to be used. But I don’t think that can be done in the Admin Menu. So does anyone have any advice on what is my best course of action to make this work?  I’d like to avoid making a second page just to make this work, and feel like I am missing something simple. Any feedback would be appreciated!
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Hi Dan,

I think you can implement this as an alternative for what you are trying to archive. You can go to the layout that you are using for your pages:

After you find out what layout you will be using, create a copy into your module (to modify it and not lose changes with updates):

In here, you could create a Menu document instead of Project Navigation:

You will have the same options, but you could see if this works in a way where you could have different menus shown to different users.
Here I have two menu documents, where I can surround each one of them in a container, after that I set the container visiblity to “selected roles”:

The final result is that each role that you want to customize, will view a different menu bar (with the different items that you want).

I hope that helps you with your question, best regards!