Object/Variable created in loop is not in scope as page parameter

Hi everyone, Mendix beginner here... In a Microflow I need to iterate the result of the String Split Java action, from the Community Commons, to an object and finally open a page with that variable as argument.   However, when I add the Open Page activity it throws the following error:   This is the microflow:   I need to select the “ErrorElement” in the Open Page activity:   When I create the “ErrorElement” before the loop, it does work. But I do not get the expectet result. Does someone have any suggestions?   Thanks in advance!
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Do you expect just one ‘ErrorElement'?

What you could do is create a list for ErrorListe objects before the loop. In the loop, add the object to the list. After the loop use the List Operation ‘Head’, this will return the first object in the list. Now you have your one ErrorElement that you can use opening the page.