Base 64 encode and base 64 decode

Can anyone help me with how to use Base 64 encode and base 64 decode activities from string utils with real time example?
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Hi Zia Sayyad,

               The Base64 are generally used to exchange encrypted data involving 2 applications through service calls.


If you have 2 applications

ApplicationA and ApplicationB

ApplicationA – a string value will be encrypted using the Base64Encode java action and the resulted string will be sent to ApplicationB

In ApplicationB after receiving the string – Using the Base64Decode – decodes the string and using it.


This is very high level information to be helpful




Base64 decode

 → input the decrypted string and the return value is unencrypted


Base64 encode

 → input is an unencrypted string and returns the value encrypted




This is the continuation of the comment provided above


For example: Let say PhoneNumber from the Employee object has been retrieved in the Encoded format in ApplicationB via service call.

Use Base64 decode java action and configure as below

Which will then decode the PhoneNumber from Employee  - The result will be a decoded phone number  which we can use in further logic based on the requirements.


Hope this helps!!