How to pass list to a page with datagrid or listview

Hello Experts,   I have a requirement where i need to show a list based on selected input. For eg:- when i select an employee i should his total certification list. I have 2 separate entities Employee entity and certifications.   Thanks in advance.
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Hi Abdul,


I'm not sure how you need to show this information. If it's got to be on the same page as the input, you can use a filter entity on the page. When the user selects the input, trigger a flow to collect the correct data and show it in the datagrid or listview and refresh the filter entity. So the data setup would be:

[Filter entity] (here is where the user would select from a list of employees)


                   [Employee certifications]


If a popup is allowed, then you could just use a popup page instead of a filter. The user could choose the employee, and a popup with their credentials could be shown.


Good luck!



You could use a listview with a listen to widget, in the listview you show all the employees, in the listen to widget you retrieve the certificates for that user in a list. That should get you what you want.


Would look like this