After reload form screen is not closed!

Hello, I filled an application form. When I submit, I call the close page (all) action through a microflow and go back to the home page after submitting the form. I am using LanguageSwitcher module, and each time I change the language, it calls for a page to be reloaded using javaScript ( mx.reloadWithState(); function). When I change the language inside the form, after I submit, form doesn't go back to the home page; it stays on the current form screen. Additionally, the information I enter in the form is not deleted, so I can submit it again. From browser back button , even if I return to the home page in some other way, I turn back to form again.  Please help. 
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Hi Ozge,

mx.reloadWithState() reloads the page without disturbing its current state. You may try location.reload() incase if you want full refresh.