Returning a List from Import CSV

Can someone tell me if it’s possible to return a List from an Import CSV action?  I have the required modules downloaded.  What I’m trying to do is populate a data grid using a microflow and this microflow will get the records from a CSV and display on a grid to review before committing them to the system.  I’ve looked at the page in the link below to use for this process but it’s only descriptive if you’re just doing something simple and it doesn’t go into very much detail of the possibilities for each of the actions.   When my page loads after you select your CSV file and hit “Next”, the data grid calls a microflow that’s set up to use the Import CSV action.  Then within the microflow called through this, it will read each line and add the line to a List with the object type being a non-persistent entity.  The sub-microflow will loop through the file until the line returns empty then attempt to return the List that’s created, but the Import CSV action is not returning the List.  Any thoughts?   Thank you for your time.
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