Pass selected item from a reference-selector as a parameter to a microflow

I need advice in how to approach this issue. See this part of the Domain Model   I created a Print-menu-screen which is populated with 2 radiobutton-widgets and a Reference-selector. I populate the reference-selector with an entity called GuardDuty, via an association Schedule_Guardduty. I only want to able to select any guardduty, no matter it has any link to whatever entity. I populated it like this via Schedule_Guardduty, because that seems the only way. I'm sure there must be a better solution, if it is, I would like to know about it.    I populate the printscreen with a Microflow ACT_OpenPrintMenu, because for the radiobuttons I need to create an entity.    Now, when the user picks some Guardduty and hits button Print PDF, a Microflow ACT_OpenSelectedReport starts with some logic.  I am able to pass through the selected option from the radiobuttons to ACT_OpenSelectedReport.  However, how do I pass through the selected item from the Reference-selector to the Microflow? Now it passes through the NewGuardDuty from CreateGuardDuty, so, the actual new GuardDutyID. But that's not what I want. (Actually, I even don't want to create a new Schedule and Entity at all, but that is for now the only way I am able to populate the Reference-selector)   The Reference-selector has as Attribute(Path : “Schedule_GuardDuty/GuardDuty/Name from data view 'dataViewGuardDuty' (Schedule)”    In this Microflow the parameter Selected_GuardDuty gets the wrong Id, so not from the selected GuardDuty    Some items are still in Dutch, busy translating it.   I hope it's clear to what I am trying to achieve. Summarized:   - populate a reference-selector with only one table GuardDuty via a microflow - select one GuardDuty from the reference-selector by the end-user - pass that value to a new microflow  
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