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403: Forbidden     at PushNotifications.SendFCMMessage (CallRest : 'Call REST (POST)')     at PushNotifications.SendFCMMessages.nested.11626bf9-78e6-4536-966a-7e1340899cf5 [1 of 2] (SubMicroflow : 'SendFCMMessage')     at PushNotifications.SendFCMMessages (ListLoop : '')     at PushNotifications.SendMessages (SubMicroflow : 'SendFCMMessages') Advanced stacktrace: I’m getting these error messages
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Hi Rachana,

Reading this, you are executing a call REST activity in the PushNotifications.SendFCMMessage microflow. The server you are calling returns a 403 Forbidden response.

Generally this means you don't have access to the requested resource, although you are authenticated (otherwise I would expect a 401 Unauthorized).

Can you verify if you are using the correct credentials and that account has the appropriate level of authorization? Otherwise: tell a bit more about the service you are calling.

Good luck!