How can we built previous and next button with taking form value?

Hi everybody, I have created multi-step-form using 3 dataview for a customer like his personal details , vehicle details, add member details.  I would like to add two buttons -next and previous- in every page so that the in filling forms user can go to the next or previous page if any modification need. After filling all the details data would be submit.    So here how can I built previous and next button with taking form value?   Ideas? Comment   Best Regards, Swagatika
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There are multiple ways to implement a wizard style form.


  1. use a module for example wizardsteps
  2. create one large form with 3 containers in it and toggle visibility of each container with the prev/next buttons

Peter Mudde

Thank you for your suggestion.I can able to build multi-step form using wizard.

But my question is how to go back to the same value.


Let me take a example: I am filling the name, phone number and other information of the customer like David. Then click on 'Next' button to go to the vehicle page. In that vehicle page I have two buttons - 'Back' and 'Next'. After filling the vehicle details, when I click on back button I want to go back to the same customer form with the same value as David. Again if I go to vehicle page I want the same vehicle detail value which I filled earlier.


I have shared my usecase, please look into this.