deeplink popup message

hi team, how i can disable the below pop up , shown by deeplink when i click on the browser refresh button. I want to just disable this popup , rest my functionality working fine .  And i look through the whole deeplink microflows but didnot find this show message activity .  plz explain in brief . Thanks !!!    
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Ideally the find should locate where this text is, if its being hardcoded.
It can also be a case where an http error or something is being displayed in the show message.

Could you check the flow in which the check for deeplink present is being done? 
As the refresh is looking for the already consumed deeplink and its not being found resulting in this page.
It must be in the startup of deeplink home microflows I'm guessing.



You probably want to add the SetURL widget to the page, and set it’s value to the same as the Deeplink. That will allow you to refresh the page as it will keep the Deeplink URL in the browser.

I hope this helps.