How to increment a count variable based on weightage for attributes ?

Hi All,   I am trying to do , please suggest on how I can go about it  I have configured some Boolean questions in a page  To each of these questions I need to associate a weightage value (say 0.1,0.2,0.3 etc ) if the answer provided to the question is yes  Based on the yes answers , the count should be added(based on the weightage ) and the final answer should be displayed   
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Hi Divya! 
You can do it with the help of microflow, you can do it, for example, by collecting a list of all the answers in which the value is "yes", and then do a count on the list, assuming that each answer "yes", has the same value.


If the values are different, depending on the question, then you can go through the entire list and add values if the answer is set as "yes".