Field inside template grid is non editable

Hello, We are using a snippet. Inside that snippet, there are 2 data views are used like one inside another. Suppose there are 2 entities, A and B. Outer data view is A and inner data view is B_A(association between A and B). There is one more entity called C. It is not associated with any entity. Inside inner data view we have used one templated grid whose data source is one MICROFLOW which is returning list of entity C. Inside this template grid when I am displaying one value of entity C but that attribute is not editable and showing EDITABLE as NEVER(INHERITED). I have provided access to required role for this attribute in entity C, but still it is showing like this.   Please let me know why is it showing like. I want this as Editable Please help me out. it’s urgent.   thanks 
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If it's never and it's inherited, that suggests that one of your data views outside of the ones for Entity C are set to non-editable.