Select all for Datagrid2 after filtering

Hi, I am working with datagrid2 and i have a requirement to send all the records in datagrid2 to a microflow after filtering. I tried using select all checkbox in datagrid2. But it only selects the records in that page, As each time it will show 30 records So it is only selecting that 30 records instead of all the records. I tried this method in the forms Mendix Forum - Question Details. But the onchange action(for filter) is sending only 1 single record to the microflow. Could someone please help me with this issue. Thanks in Advance
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You could create an FilterEntity with filter attributes, set a 1-* association to your TargetEntity. Create a DataSource microflow that creates a new FilterEntity, retrieves your list of TargetEntity based on the FilterEntity attributes, and in a Change Object activity sets the list. On the UI side you would need to create a DataView with the DS microlfow as a source, place inputs for the filters and a DataGrid2 with Association as a data source inside the DataView.

This way you can pass the FilterEntity with all the matches accessible through association to a microflow.

Note that DataGrids with association datasource might lose some built-in functionality that you would possibly need to create using custom microflows. 

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