How to get the current user in a Microflow

Hi, To get the account for the current user in a microflow, most of the time you will find this But recently I came across the following solution in a sub microflow   What would be better/faster?
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Your first error is using module Adminstration. Nobody should it since it is crap.

Having said that "What would be better/faster?":

The second. Simply better because there will never be a performance issue, since the is no retrieve involved.

The first will do a database-retrieve if the 'User'-object is any other specialization then an 'Account'-object, and will return empty.



hello Micha,

As we know that Current user is stored in memory 


so we we call from memory  in microflow or sub microflow it is same in speed and for better it should be use in sub microflow as we know that

 Sub-microflows represent individual parts of the whole microflow. and for microflows

when you have very large and complex microflows, using sub-microflows can help you better manage your logic and business processes.


Hope this will help you



Geeta Negi