Selective data show on data grid

I want the show the selective data on the other page  example the selective check box data I want to show in another page .can we do this and if yes how can 
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Hi Isha


From your question i cannot geta clear picture of your use case, so my answer may be completely off. Nevertheless: this is a way to show a list of selected companies on another page.


1. add a nonpersistable helper to your domainmodel to be able to temporarily store the list of selected companies. This may look somewhat like this:


2. Add a microflow action button on top of your datagrid. Connect it to a microflow whith a companylist as input parameter:


The create object activity looks like this:


3. Pass the companyHelper as page parameter to the sceond page.

4. In the second page, place eg a Gallry widget using a microflow as datasource.

The datasource microflow looks somewhat like this:



Does this come close to what you are looking for?


I hope this helps.