Comma populating with double quote in front of it

Hi all,   I am having an issue where i have a change item setting a value as below: 'Equities, UT''s, Property, Pref Shares' However, this is populating the file with a double quote in front of the comma. See below. Equities", UTs", Property", Pref Shares.   I have tried putting in double quotes surrounding the commas, surrounding the full text, double commas but to no avail.   Can anyone advise?
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Single quotes are used to wrap strings, so if your string uses a single quote as an apostrophe it has to be escaped by using an extra single quote before it. This looks like what is happening.


How are you populating the data? Entering it from a text box shouldn't need double quoting. You'd normally have to do that when populating a String from a microflow or nanoflow.