Checking if the same values exist

Hello,   I pull person and projects from an external entity with the help of association. One person can be selected for one project at a time. A user selects the project and person he wants on the page he enters and saves it. My question is: later when anyone wants to make a new save, I want to look at my old saves in a microflow. If the same person & project combination exists before, this registration will not occur and an error message will be returned.
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You can provide  the restriction on 2 places.

1 – As soon as you select user run OC mf for the user and fetch only the project to which they are not assigned.

2 – After user and project selection and click on save

During save, get the select project list of the user – if the selection is matched to the selected input of the project on the page – then do not save and show error.


By the way if you mean Non-persistent object when referring to External object, then I suggest use persistent object!


Hope this helps!


You can solve this by using a retrieve from database, where you retrieve


Entity: Project

Range: First


[id = $Project] (where $Project stands for the project you currently have selected or is used as context)

[project_Person = $Person]  (where $Person stands for the person you currently have selected or is used as context)


If a project is returned then the combination exists already. If not, then its a new combination.