Cant find WorkflowUserTask when not debugging

Dear all, I hope you can help me with the following issue. I have an application (in version 9.24.11) that uses Workflow to create a flow of tasks for a user. Once a user has completed a task, I have the application create a new one based on a template flow. In the Workflow I am targeting the group of users with XPATH and have an on-create microflow to assign it to the user that calls the Workflow.     So, in the application I create the task object and call the Workflow. Then, before I call the UserTask page I retrieve the WorkflowUserTask object (based on targeted user and the status ‘InProgress’) to pass it along.     This works fine when I am debugging my application, but if I run the application it can’t find that WorkflowUserTask object? In the meanwhile I can see that the object exists and is available for the user. It almost looks like it needs the delay of the debugger to be able to find that object. Does anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong?   Thank you in advance for your help and have a nice day!   Best, Martijn
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