Miscellaneous objects

Hi Experts, Hope you doing good!   I need you advise, I have a list of objects on which i am applying radio button filter based on values like all, rental, sales etc. so I have blockers mentioned as below 1) So when I select all option I don't want to show miscellaneous objects if it is present in list of objects only sales and rentals object should be displayed. 2) and also when user tries to create the records by selecting miscellaneous object it should not get created.   Can you please advise how can i achieve this?   Thanks for all ideas and suggestions.  
1 answers

1 . Can be achieved by having dynamic filters - here do not show any data with miscellaneous records itself... Then the drop down/ radio button will not show the option of miscellaneous

2. Add validation while saving the record object. If it's miscellaneous do not commit the object.