Populate an entity based on another one for specific objects

Hello!   Inside this microflow I'm retrieving objects of ExcleFileDocument1 based on the parameter 'QuarterSelection'. For each object of ExcelFileDocument1, I have one object of ForecastTable. What I want to do is to populate a table called QuarterlyForecastTable based on the content of the three tables of ForecastTable retrieved each for an object of ExcelFileDocument1.  I would like to, for each object, put the values of accoutnname,order and opportunity owner inside the same cilumns of QuarterlyForecastTable. and for each object, put pipeline,commit,closed,omitted,bestcase of object1 inside pipeline1,commit1,closed1,omitted1,bestcase1 of QuarterlyForecastTable and put pipeline,commit,closed,omitted,bestcase of object2 inside pipeline2,commit2,closed2,omitted2,bestcase2 of QuarterlyForecastTable and put pipeline,commit,closed,omitted,bestcase of object3 inside pipeline3,commit3,closed3,omitted3,bestcase3 of QuarterlyForecastTable. Here is the microflow as you can see as well as the structure of the entity ForecastTable and QuarterlyForecastTable :
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Hi Maryam,


I do not know your exact use case but I would suggest a change to your domain model to simplify things.


If you make the association between QuarterlyForecastTable and ForecastTable one to many like this: QuarterlyForecastTable 1---------* ForecastTable, then you would be able to just associate the ForecastTable objects to the QuarterlyForecastTable in your microflow.  Then you can use the  ForecastTable data for calculations or for display over that association.


This is also a more flexible data model because in the future if you ever find that you need to add a fourth ForecastTable to your QuarterlyForecastTable you will simply associate a new object instead of needing to add attributes to your QuarterlyForecastTable object.


Hope this helps!