Adding an object to top of the list

Hello fellow Mendix users,   If I wanted to add an object B as a first object on the existingList (already containing objects A, X, Z), so that the end result is (B,A,X,Z), would the only solution be to: 1. Create newList (empty) 2. Add object B to newList (Contains B) 3. Add the rest of the objects from existingList to newList by iterating through them (Contains B, A, X, Z) and delete the existingList   Does Mendix offer any functionality to add objects to the beginning/middle of the list or do we always have to manually recreate the list?   What if I only want the user to have create access of object and no delete access? What will be the solution then? Any ideas?    
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This is the correct procedure to handle the list modifications, there are no built-in methods to achieve what you what. 

You can create a microflow with 3 parameters (list, object and insertposition) that returns a new list or you can replace the existinglist with the newly created one. A list is some kind of variable parameter.


Create and delete access are managed in the domain model and seem to have nothing to do with the first part.