REST Return Value gibberish

Hi folks.   I'm calling a REST API and have problems...   The POST works (I have verified on the target system), and I get a 200 response, however the body of the response is garbage.   Perhaps it's because the API uses form-data as input, but sends a JSON response.   Anyway, the same call with the same configuration returns the following in POSTMAN :    Which is perfect.   Anyone got an idea what to do?  I need the return id in order to call the next API....   Thanks Al
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Try setting the REST Consume lognode to TRACE. That will show you the full request and response, including headers. 


My suspicion is the headers are different from those being sent by Postman.


If you are expecting a JSON response, try setting the "Accept" header to "application/json"


Good luck!


Ah - I didn't know about the Accept header!  Great thanks.