setting role management

im trying to rewrite a program into a mendix program, and one of the feature is some user can create a role along with it access to menus and set the role if that role can read only or can create, update, delete for the edit part i can edit the condition per widget but i havent found the solution to set access the role to the page from navigation,  or i can create my own "navigation-tree" menu where i can create a menu that has submenu that i can the condition/visibility ??? i try using dropdown button button but instead of showing the sub menu below the "menu" button it open a popup menu ,,, or is there a way i can set the condition/visibility for certain user that has a certain role in the navigation ?? please help  
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Assuming you read through the security section of the documentation.

You could create a user role for each module access you require. System_User_View, System_User_Edit, etc. and link each one to the specific Module Role that only has specific access to certain entities. Your screenshot above would be an alternative way to assign user roles to the individual users. 

Setting up the access to pages, microflows etc automatically affects the navigation. A short explanation on that topic can be found in this section of the Rapid Developer Course.

Hope this helps