auto close a ticket after x days

i have tickets that created by different user groups, if someone replied to a ticket then it is closed. I want an auto close of ticket after 5 days of creation if no one replied to it.
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Hey Yahya!


I'm gonna tell you some ways to achieve that.


1. Maybe you can use a calculated attribute, so every time that you retrieve the object it calculates the value. 

For sure, you need to take into account the perfomance impact of this decision. You can check this documentation:

Performance Best Practices

Calculated attributes:


2. Another way to do it. It's creating a scheduled events that runs every day or hour that updates all the tickets status depending the date of creation.

Scheduled Events


3. When you go to the ticket's page ( where you are showing the tickets) and before entering the page you call a microflow that retrieves the tickets and update them looping over the list and checking the date.

With this solution you are gonna update the status of the tickets only when the user is entering the page.

The problem is when you have the tickets objects in multiple pages then maybe it's better to use one of the others solutions as for this one you need to replicate that logic for every page. 


If you have any other question let me know


Kind regards.