HTTP responses

We had a discussion about HTTP responses. If you change the HTTP response StatusCode should that non persistent object be committed or refreshed? My gut feeling would say yes but the automaticly created microflow with for instance a POST action only changes the statuscode and reasonphrase but does not commit or refreshes the object. And why can we change the ReasonPhrase if the documentation states 'Setting ReasonPhrase has no effect; the runtime always uses the default reason phrase for the status code.'Anybody knows the answer? Because neither the academy nor the documentation give me the answer here.   Regards, Ronald
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The thing with not needing to change the ReasonPhrase is quite recent. Also, how should Mendix make it impossible to change? You can't use entity access, as you don't want the process to fail and throw an error because of this. Also it needs to be backward compatible I guess. Maybe a dedicated warning in the modeler could be useful.


We never commit or refresh responses. It's all server side, right, so why would you refresh? And a commit on non persistable objects may be useful if you have complex flows where you want to rollback to a certain committed point, but with regard to http responses that doesn't make a lot of sense, even with complex flows: if there's an error or something, you stop and return a response asap.