How can i retrieve previous data from an attribute and update it to a new attribute

I have an entity A with attribute x where i have stored some data , now I have created a New entity B with attribute with y of the same data type now i need to retrive the previous records from the attribute x and add it to the latest attribute y how can I acheive this  I want it to be a one time activity and would want to delete later.
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As I understand your question  - you can achieve this by:

- creating a microflow that retrieves records from Entity A,

- Add a loop to iterate over the retrieved records and set the values of attribute y in Entity B equal to attribute x in Entity A

- and then optionally deletes the records from Entity A.


You can create a microflow to transfer data from Entity A to Entity B

- Create a microflow

- Inside the microflow, use a retrieve action to get all the records from Entity A.

- Use a loop to iterate through each retrieved record.

- Within the loop, create a new object of Entity B.

- Map the attribute values from Entity A's attribute x to Entity B's attribute y.

- Commit the changes to the database for Entity B.