How do I quickly level up my Microflow skills?

Hi,    I'm working my way through learning content and finding that I am hitting a roadblock when working on Microflows.    1. What would you advise me to do to grasp the logic, variables and expressions for building microflows? 2. How do you record/document your microflows and expressions so you can refer back to them for future projects?   I have worked through rapid developer and am currently working on the event app. I have the next week to improve my skill level.  I'm finding that the snippets on the courses I've done so far aren't quite detailed enough for it to click. The deepdive learning path is advanced level.    Open to suggestions and advice.   Thanks!    
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Hi Danielle


Generally it all depends on how much you want to challenge yourself. If you are having issues with the event app learning path, I suggest you take a look again at the rapid learning path chapter about microflows: 

However, a nice thing I like to do (it is a bit more complex, but teaches you essential microflow logic) is to download some marketplace modules and take a look at how they modeled their microflows (what does the flow do, how did they handle the problem ...) that way you can see what microflows are capable of, and might even be able to reuse some logic in the future, who knows. 

Finally, practice makes perfect. To learn back in the day, I gave myself a use case and I built an app surrounding it, without knowing all too much about microflow functionality. Then as you are building, you explore forums and see if it is possible or if you can find a way to do it. 


As for documentation, if a microflow is a bit more complex, I annotate it at the start by explaining what its functionality is, whether there are fixed values in there, assumptions ... And if load-heavy actions are used, I try to explain why exactly I do them. Besides that, you can always consult the Mendix best practices to align with your own development!