Display both results on the same line (two rest api calls)

We're currently working on a Permit application, and our process involves two REST API calls using microflows. In the first microflow, we import user information using a REST API call from Postman, which populates the Form page. After visually reviewing the form page, the user verifies the information and clicks "next," triggering the second microflow. This second microflow imports the diary number through a REST API call from Mocoon which gives diary number for Permit application.   Our goal is to display both results on the same line in the data grid view, but Mendix divides them into two separate lines.    Any advice or suggestions on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated!   Thank you.   -A
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I'm guessing you're using import mapping for both calls and they create separate objects, hence separate lines in your data grid.

You can pass the first object to the import mapping of the second as a parameter entity, so you can add the diary number to the existing object instead of creating a new one. In the map entity action, you can choose Method = Call a microflow, in which you just return the input parameter, so the mapping uses that.