How do I stop my DataView from overwriting and make it create new rows when using a Microflow to populate a static list in Mendix?

I want to create a static list associated with the 'Kurs' entity. To achieve this, I used a Microflow action to create a list of the entity type 'Kurs'. Subsequently, I added a loop containing the 'Create Object' and 'Change List' (Add to List) activities. Finally, I included the 'Commit Objects' activity to commit the list. My question is, how can I ensure that the created objects do not overwrite each other in the DataView, but instead, new rows are created? Currently, the objects I create are overwriting each other, resulting in only one row in the DataView.
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Hi Sahin,


If i understood your question correctly, you should create a microflow starting with retrieve if object was empty can create new else return existing one . This you can achieve with persistable entity with non persistable association like 1-*. 

If its not related please provide some more details.

If satisfies accept my answer.




Sathya Reddy