Rollback a list of objects via microflow

Hello all, I have a list of objects inside data grid. Also i have Start Date and End Date filters at the top. Everytime when date filters are changed, i want to trigger a new list and clear(rollback) the previous list. As my microflow contains a lot of loops already, due to performance issues I dont prefer to use loops for rolling back all the objects. Is there any other way to suggest rather than using loops for rolling back all the objects in the list? Thanks in advance.
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Hi Mert, You can try this below approach 

Create an Microflow: ClearList

1. Retrieve Objects:   - Retrieve the objects you want to delete based on the date filters.

2. Delete Action:  - Add a "Delete" action.     - Set the "Entity" to the entity of the objects.     - Set "Objects" to "Delete by Condition."     - Define a condition to filter the objects based on the date filters.

3. Commit Changes:  - Add a "Commit" action to commit the changes.

And End Activity 

You can try this approach it will resolve performance issues also do clear warnings if any present.