Enumeration - Show some text in caption other than integer

I have a enumeration data type with 0-5 captions/values, you can see in image below       I want to show some text with captions like 0 - not any, 1 - very low, 2 - low, 3 - average, 4 - high, 5 - very high in a dropdown on the web portal, just to clear these values to users. I am unable to do so because these values are multiplying with other enumeration data types captions. Image is below.      Multiplying fields are:   Please let me know how can I tackle this problem. How can I show some text with values/captions. Thank you!
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Hi Asad,


One option would be to replace the caption with "0 - not any", "1 - very low", etc.

Then, on last expression, replace the getCaption( with the replaceAll(getKey( ...))  and use the replaceAll to get rid of the "_".


Does this fix your issue?