URL not supported for page with multiple parameters

Hi experts, I am trying to create a registration page where I want to store the user object once they register. I want to use the default password attribute from generalisation from AcountPasswordData entity.   When I am using that I am getting URL not supported the page with multiple parameters. I have added the URL for that registrtaion page as well.   My requirement: I want a registration page with the URL which I have added under the property of the page. I want to use the attribute using generalisation of AccountPasswordData entity. I want to store the object of user for which I have created the entity with its attributes such as name, email id etc. I have attached page as well error screenshots as well   Error screenshot: Page:      
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Hi Harsh,


Multiple page parameters for URL's are supported as of version 10.0, so you cannot use this functionality yet in version 9.24.1. 


Reference to the release note:

'Page URLs got a major overhaul to support new functionality. Studio Pro now supports multiple page parameters, using attributes other than Id in the URL, and placing the variable segment(s) at any location in the URL.'


Hope this helps.