Commit all objects at once(10k objects) or commit in batches(500 or 1000 each time) ?

Hi i have a requirement where i need to retrieve data and need to change an attribute for all objects and need to commit them. So can i commit all objects(Retrieved objects may have 10-15 objects) at once after i change them? or it would be good to commit in batches say 500 or 1000 objects at a time? Could someone please help me whether which one is efficient? Thanks in advance
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Hi Lokesh,


It would be efficient to start working with batches. This is because, it might cause problems with the memory size of the Mendix Runtime when you are committing all the objects at once.


I think you were aware about Limit and Offset to retrieve objects in batches by microflow.


If not, go through the below module.

Mendix Academy - 3.2 Using Batches


here you can understand why it is efficient to commit large data in batches.