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Hi!   We are building a permit application, and this is a view within the approver's interface.   The approver has a list view that displays applications categorized into four statuses: pending (vireillä) , processing (käsittelyssä), approved (hyväksytty), and rejected (hylätty).   Our objective is to incorporate a feature in which the header above the list displays the counts for each status, indicating the number of applications in each category.   Currently, we achieve this by activating the microflow by clicking on the color buttons (green, orange, red) in the header to count and display the list content.      Is there a method to automate this process upon loading the page?   Thanks in advance!   -A
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Hi Aleksei Anisinen,


I like Martijns answer and it gives the user tha actual view each time the page is opened/refreshed. The refresh you can "trigger" on multiple buttons in the page, so you update more often.


If you want a real time view that is automatically updated for all users (in a non Native App) that are on the page, you should store it in an Attribute of a persistent entity and use the Pusher functionality to async refresh 


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Hi Aleksei,


Personally, I would make a non-persistent entity which contains the said amounts. For example:







On the page which shows you these statistics, you could create a Datasource Microflow which does exactly what you're doing in your current Microflow. Retrieve the list and filter the list for the specific statusses, count the objects of that list and add the result to your non-persistent entity.


Everytime a user opens the page, the data will be refreshed.


Hope this helps!