How to pass a list of non-persistent entities in DataGrid2 to a microflow

I would like to implement a button to count edited rows in DataGrid2 using the following process, but I have the following problem. Is there a workaround for this problem? <Process> (1) Display a list of non-persistent entities (including flag objects) in DataGrid2. (2) Edit the rows (using a text box) and invoke the microflow by pressing the top button. (3) Count the number of edits by counting the flag objects in the above Microflow. <Problem> In order to pass list parameters to Microflow, "Selection" in the General tab of DataGrid2 must be set to Multi. (Retrieve List is not possible because of the use of non-persistent entities.)  However, in this way, only the objects in the row where the checkbox is pressed will be passed to the microflow as a list, and the unchecked objects will not be passed to the microflow.  Is there any way to pass the entire list to the microflow without having to select all of them in the checkbox each time?
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You could link the non-persistent objects to another nonpersistent "Group"-object. In the microflow you can then retrieve the Group-object from any of the nonpersistent objects. Then from the Group-obejct you can retrieve all non-persistent objects