Saving updated file to a new local file path

Hi, I have created an "Update Parameter in File Application". As the name states, I choose a file where I want certain parameters to be updated. Once I have selected the file, I run a custom java action that extracts the parameter name and value and inserts these into an input form. I can then change the value of the parameter and update it by pressing the "Update Parameter" button. At this point, I have only incorporated a "Download" button that downloads the file with the newly updated parameters in the download folder in the file directory.    What I want to incorporate is that instead of downloading the newly updated file to the download folder, I want to save the newly updated file to a new specified file path (local folder). Is this possible?   Thanks!   Below is a visualisation of the description above:   1. Choose file   2. Press the "Read Content" button. See the File name and its contents.   3. Press the "Show Parameters" button (not shown in the above image, but is at the bottom of the page), and page where you can edit the parameters is shown.     4. Once you have updated the chosen parameters, press the download button (at the end of the screen in the image above), the newly updated file is downloaded.      
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Hi Ulrik,


this could work when running the app locally, but when running in a cloud environment you don't have access to the harddrives of the user. The only way to store it somewere is to offer the user the download option.