How to pass whole list of DataGrid2 to Microflow without checkbox

When implementing a button at the top of DataGrid2 and calling a microflow, is there a way to pass the entire list (non-persistent entities) to the microflow? I know one solution is the following, but the problem is that the entire list cannot be passed to the microflow unless all the checkboxes are selected each time. (1) Set "Selection" to "Multi" in the properties of DataGrid2. (2) Implement a button on the top of DataGrid2 and call Microflow. The list parameter is passed to Microflow.  **However, only the object of the row with the check box in DataGrid2 is passed as the content of the list parameter. (This issue)
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This is not possible but you can, based on the logic of selecting objects for the DataGrid apply the same logic to the microflow at the start. Of course, you can pass selected elements to the microflow and then (using the same logic for retrieving the same data to the list as the widget) use the list function (Substract) to select those that are not selected.