How to retrieve list of non-persistent entity in Microflow

I am now attempting to implement a process to edit some non-persistent objects displayed on DataGrid2 directly on DataGrid2 and update them with a button. The procedure is as follows (1) to (5). There is a problem in (5). The contents of A should have been filled in (3), but when Retrieve is done in (5), an empty list is obtained. Is there any way to pass the list in (3) to the microflow in (5)?   <procedure> (1) Prepare non-persistent entity A and persistent entity B. (2) Connect self-association to non-persistent entity A.The object of the persistent entity B is refilled to non-persistent entity A. (3) Display the above non-persistent entity A in DataGrid2. (4) Place a button at the top of DataGrid2 and call Microflow. (5) Retrieve the list of non-persistent entity A from Associateion by Microflow. <- empty list is obtained...(This problem)   Best regards
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