enumerate addresses from one entity into another entity

I'm trying to calculate a route between clients. So far I got the routeplanner in itself to function properly, with thanks to Ivo Sturm. Now I'm trying to get the entity for the route to collect the addresses from the client entity.   I've tried to retrieve the client entity and set the address value in the routeviadb entity to use the $clientlist/address. That in itself does not raise an error, but it does not function so it does not bring me any closer to a solution and eventually  it does not do what I want it to do because it does not enumerate addresses from different clients into waypoints. Also what I fail to understand is why I can not use the 'add' as type when creating an object.   What would be the correct way to go about this?  
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For those who are experimenting with something similar; I've made some progress and figured out a way to link attributes from different entities.

Do note that you probably should set refresh to yes.setup