Create data records in entity Based on the number of input.

Hello expert, I'm developing one app and I'm getting stuck on this particular page. so, I'm trying to do association between two entities first entity data is shown in header  and based on the GRN number of the First entity which containing the data based on that data record i have to add data in second entity which will be associated to the first entity data with Help of GRN number.  And if you see i want to create record in second entity with the help of the NO of sublots input when we enter any number in that input data records get created. eg. if i enter 4 in  No of sublot four records should get created in datagrid and with the same trace or not enter traceability of RM is get visible if trace is same whatever you write in traceability of RM is applied to every created data record if not user have to enter manually in data record.   Can you please help me out of this situation. thank you in advance!!!!!
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Hi Ajay,

I would do it as the following: 

Add a Create new records button, that checks if everything is filled out before the creation. 

Add some decisions in the microflow to make sure, otherwise show the User some messages what's missing. 


In the microflow:

  1. Create a variable for a counter and then a Do while loop to create the records of the entity with 
  2. For each creation in the loop count the variable one up until it's the same as the input NO of Sublots so the loop can end then
  3. Depending on the input, write the RM already in each new records attribute and don't forget to set the association. 

For the enter traceability you can use the condition visibility on the boolean attribute Same trace.