pas a list form listview to microflow outside listview

Hello all, I'm a novice Mendix programmer and I can't figure it out. I have created a screen that shows a list of employees with name, position, email and a checkbox. Filtering can be done with a custom filter and text box. This works well. I have a button at the bottom of the page where I want to send an email to the employees who are checked. In microflow to send the emails I cannot get to the list. If I place the button within the list view, I can access it, but then the button is behind each employee. So my question is actually how do I pass a list from a listview to microflow outside the listview. Preferably with as few database requests as possible  
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Hi Jeffrey,


I have a suggestion as below,


Create an association between Filter entity to Employee as one to many.

Upon clicking on check box make call a nano flow add the Employee to association.

Do not make commit or refresh during on click nano flow or microflow that may lead to re execute the Data source flows.

Hope this helps!



Sathya Reddy