New Data Import Feature Microflow (import data from file) not showing any files?

Hey guys i've followed the instructions of the new data import feature that was implemented in 10.6, when i set it up and it gets to the point where i have to create a microflow and use the "Import Data from file" microflow from the toolbox, i set it up. click file to select a file, and no files appear, do you know what is causing this? I have attached a screenshot of what im referring to.  
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Hi Jordan,


I'm pretty sure this is because in your microflow you are not creating an Object based on the Entity System.FileDocument (or entity that has a Generalization of FileDocument). To be able to see some results in the File field you need to supply a FileDocument Entity:



However, to be able to upload a file, you would need to implement a page with a File Manager component. (in the Save button you could use the microflow above, so that you can pass the file uploaded to the Data Import activity):



I hope this can help you use this great tool for importing your Data, if you have any questions feel free to ask. Best regards!