Close All Pages of Wizard (When Home Page = Step 1 of the Wizard)

By a microflow (Data Source), I create a new object and open the home page with data videw+data source. The homepage is the 1st page of wizard. The user can immediately start to fill their data in the input widgets. The wizard has also a step 2 and 3 where the user fills even more data that are attributes of the object. After the wizard is finished, I commit the object.  Now, when this is done, I want to close all the wizard pages, so the user can not go back in the browser and tinker with the steps. But whatever I do, clicking back in the browser will take the user to the homepage where the data is still filled in. I tried MF activity Close page - All (does not work), Multiple (whatever the number, does not work). It does not delete the whole browser history, it is still possible to go back to the home page by clicking back in the browser. I even tried to retrieve current session and delete it. I thought that going back in browser will open a new session. This works but only after several seconds, not immediately. It seems that the session is not deleted immediately, even if I use Delete object(s) MF activity. Does anyone have a solution to completely purge the browser history or maybe let the user go back to the homepage but force the page to create a new object or start a new session? (or some other ideas)
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Hi Lukáš Tomek

You just need to refresh the object in client in the DS microflow or after the close page activity you can use a show page activity to open the home page where the DS can create a new object.


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