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Hi,   We need to retrieve the time logs for a day by the current user. We then sum this number. All works great. snippet below of the Microflow. if it goes over 24 hrs a validation message is shown.   When we edit the number it still includes that figure that we are editing in the sum total, so when you press save, it calls the microflow and doubles that figure. for instance if you have 4 in there and don't change it, it sums it as 8 when you save.   Snippets of microflow below. Does anyone know how to exclude the current object that we are editing from being summed?   Thanks in advance    
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In the microflow, you have the TimeLog as a parameter which is referenced as  $TimeLog.

In your retrieve from the database you can exclude the current record by adding


[id != $TimeLog]



Hello Jessica,


Within you xpath you can try something like this:


id != $currentTimeLog


the rest of the xpath


Hope this helps!


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