Quick links on the right hands side of the page

Hi All, How would you approach allowing users  to add favourite links ? Those quick links would be per user and the list would be shown on the right hand side of the page on click of quick link button as shown in the picture below.  
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Hello Abrar,


Quite some things to consider to implement this:

1. You need an entity with a string attribute where you can save the link url and an association to the user

2. You need to know the url's to save or at least the links

3. Then you need to create a list view of the forementioned entity with datasource over association of the user

4. You need to do some styling i think because it looks like the list is floating over the screen so maybe some position: fixed or absolute or sticky or something

5. the list need to be clicakble and the click action should trigger a flow that gets the entity as input and can use the link 


If you do not use URLs but pages maybe you need to create a entity or enum that saves the page name but i think using pages is more administration and more error prone


hope this helps


Good luck!