Nanoflow or Microflow to automatically select from reference set

how would i get a nanoflow or microflow to automatically select one of the variables from a reference set selector based on the page parameter? 
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Hi Corina


Please correct me if I am wrong, but I think you are asking whether you can use a microflow or a nanoflow to fill a value in an association. If that is the case, rest assured, you can. 

First a quick refresher: in order to use the reference set selector you will need an association between two entities in a many-to-many fashion. The reference set selector will be used show you the associated object(s) of the other entity to this entity.


You will need a couple of things before you continue

  1. You will need to create a microflow to go to your page and prepare your data. It should have a show page action at the end.
  2. You will need your page parameter and a parameter of the object you want to associate
  3. You will need a retrieve action based on your page parameter: the page parameter holds the logic that determines what will be in the set selector. This is either a list, or a way for you to retrieve a list.
  4. You will need a change action: finally we change the association of the object you want to change by inserting a list that you retrieved in step 3


By the end it should look something like this (at the easiest): 


Good luck!