How to compare two rows in data grid 2?

Hi    I am not getting how to compare multiple rows in data grid 2 widget (attached the screenshot) and by clicking on action button that comparison rows should be display in another page . in action button what to give "on click event" . how to write microflow for this comparison part.    Thanks in advance,, Harika  
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Hi Hakari


When you have enabled selection in your data grid 2, you are able to pass the selected list of objects to a microflow. You simply put a button which triggers a microflow in the action buttons compartment of data grid 2: 


Within the microflow, you must have a 'list of (in my case Client)' parameter: this means that you pass on the objects that you have selected. Then you can freely use them to compare within your microflow (you will most likely need a loop for this)!


Good luck!