PWA timer to run a microflow even if app is closed

Hello,   I have a pwa that works mainly with Odata calls and doesnt have a DB. The user has some items in a list that come from an Odata call. I was thinking to have a timer every hour so the app does this Odata Call and if there is a new one the user should get a notification.   how do I implement this? any tips?   thanks in advance
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The microflow timer widget enables triggering a nanoflow periodically from the client. Another option is Pusher. Keep in mind however that the app won't run any events while it is closed or in the background, and requesting data at regular intervals can drain the battery quickly.


If you wish to inform the user of changes in the backend, have a look at firebase to implement push notifications and let the app pull the data when it becomes active.


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I did not try it myself in combination with notifications but you can try the scheduled event functionality to schedule your actions:


More info here:


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