Microflow for Opening a Detail Page for the Current Object

I am working on developing a Mendix application where I aim to use a microflow to open a detail page for the current object when a user clicks on it. To provide more context, I have a page displaying various objects (products), and I want to show additional details only when a specific object is clicked. Here's a summary of what I've done so far: I've created a microflow named "Open Object Detail Page". In this microflow, I've added a "Retrieve" action to fetch the current object. Then, I've added a "Show page" action to open the detail page where the object will be displayed. My question to you all is: Is this approach correct? Are there any potential pitfalls or better ways to accomplish this? I would appreciate your insights and suggestions.
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Hi Muhammad, 

How do you retrieve the current object?


I would add an Input parameter of entity type Product  and use that to show on the page.

Or, alternatively, instead of adding a microflow button, use a show page button on your Product overview